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As an experienced, licensed psychotherapist, I provide therapy for adults for a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, depression and relationship problems. My psychotherapy office is located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, also convenient to southern Marin.

By establishing a trusting relationship , together we explore thoughts and feelings you find troublesome. By being understood, the goal is that you will better understand yourself and find roads to greater peace of mind and improved relationships in all areas of your life.


  • My style as a therapist is thoughtful, warm and engaging.
  • My approach is direct and collaborative.
  • By creating a comfortable and safe environment it becomes possible to explore vulnerable issues.

Finding the right therapist to work with is essential for a successful therapy. Please explore my website to get a better sense of my services, philosophy and approach to emotional growth.


Water Lillies

Monet painted more than sixty paintings with water lilies as the main theme of his study. Over and over again he studied the flower each time finding a nuanced edge that had passed his notice in his previous attempts to recreate the flower. Perhaps he discovered a new shade of blue or rose that he had not been aware of when he painted the impression the time [more]